Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm bloggin' ya'll!

I've neglected my motherly duty of being the family historian for way too long! Luke's 5 months old and I've got maybe 3 scrawny journal entries to show for it. Luckily, my sisters-in-law are on top of taking pictures, but I need start making a habit out of documenting all of our fun memories! To start off short and simple. here's a quick update on our family!
Brandon is currently in school for the winter semester and in off-season workouts for football. It's definitely been a more relaxing semester with free time on the weekends and a shorter practice schedule, although next week he starts spring ball!  He's also starting to look into law schools and getting ready for life after college!
I'm loving life as a mom right now! I'm discovering new ways everyday to make the job more exciting and fulfilling! I'm SO grateful that I'm able to be a stay-at-home mom with Luke so I get to be there for all of his milestones. The moments you experience everyday as a mother are seriously too good to be true. I'm also currently training for a half-marathon with my sister-in-law Brittany. It's been so fun to train for an event and also been SO good to get some girl talk in when we go running together! We're running the Thanksgiving Point half-marathon at the end of April.
Luke's growing up way too fast!!! He's currently trying to sit up on his own, eating and loving every kind of baby food, loves munching on his feet, loves to smile and laugh, loves reading animal books, singing songs, dancing with mom to the radio, watching cartoons, taking naps with mom, mastering acrobatics with dad, and playing in his jumper.

                                                              Luke eating his toes
                                                              Luke loves those peaches!

Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse