Friday, September 6, 2013

Grandma Dean (Jr?)'s visit to Utah!!

With the uncertainty of where we were going to live and when the baby was coming, and possible job opportunities, we waited too long to get a cheap ticket and there was a pretty big chance my mom wouldn't be able to come help with the baby for at least a month! Luckily the day after Addie was born a cheap (well cheaper) flight ticket became available, and my mom was able to come the next day!! We are still grateful for the opportunity to have her help, care, and wonderful presence around for that week of adjusting to two kids and remembering how to take care of a newborn again! I was definitely a lot more relaxed with baby number two and had a super quick, easy recovery, so Addie and I came along on the little outings Grandma took Luke on! We went to the park, the splash pad and toy store at the Riverwoods, Lowe's Extreme Airsports, and Provo Beach Resort! She also helped out with all of Addie's Dr. appts (we had to get her poor heel pricked 4 different times for Jaundice :( ), took care of Addie in the morning so we could sleep in and even some nights, cooked up some delicious dinners, and helped get us ready to take care of our new family by ourselves! The week flew by SO fast, as as you can tell from the picture below, I wasn't quite ready to send her home. I'm so grateful for my AMAZING, beautiful, loving, caring, selfless mother who is always there to help when I need her!

Couldn't keep his pants up at the splash pad
Trying to keep the tears in for a goodbye picture- and our only picture of the two of us for the week
Couldn't do it...