Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A successful Halloween season

Well I'd have to say that this was by far the best Halloween season ever!! I seriously live for holidays. My goal is to someday be the most festive household around and take part in as many holiday festivities  and have as many family traditions as possible. These are all of the fun things we did in the month of October!

1. 2 Halloween half marathons! I hope to be able to stay in shape to do this almost every year! I had so much much dressing up and running with hundreds of people in the spirit of Halloween! The first one I ran with one of my best friends, Sharsti! I dressed up as an 80's rocker and Sharsti went as a bee! This race was in Salt Lake city and started up in Emigration canyon. It was beautiful up there, but this was by far the hardest race, maybe even the hardest thing period that I have ever done lol The website said that this course was a gradual decline of 1,400 ft. but failed to mention the 3.5 miles of killer HILLS you had to climb. I went into thinking it would a cake walk like the last one I ran, but was glad to even finish! I was hoping to PR but finished around 1:52. I ended pretty bitter, as they didn't even have water bottles at the finish line. They had bags of animal crackers and pretzel just open on tables to take handfuls of and they ran out of most of their food 2 minutes after I finished. You had to wait in a line with a plastic cup to get water out of a water jug. Not cool...

Salt Lake Haunted Half
 The second one was in Provo. This one was just one week after the SLC race. I wasn't planning on running this one, but I was so upset that I didn't PR and didn't want to end on that bad note, SO I snuck into this race because it was like $70. Hopefully the wrong person doesn't read this and report me, but I really don't feel that bad because all I did was run- I didn't eat any of the food or take any of the race swag. All I stole was the good company and halloween atmosphere... I PRed by 15 seconds finishing at 1:48 exactly!

Provo Halloween Half

2. Jakers Pumpkin patch!  This was perfect for Luke! They had a sand box full of corn, a petting zoo, a mini corn maze, and hayrides all for free!

3. I decorated my window for a contest and made the house all cozy for fall! Although I didn't even place, I still had fun decorating our window for Halloween lol I made candy corns out of paper and hung them all over with jackolanterns, apple cider candles, and fall leaves. SO cozy! Brandon said I was acting like Cindy-Loo-Hoo's mom from the Grinch in their Christmas Decorating contest

4. Pumkin parade at the Riverwoods! We had so much fun with my sister in laws Natalie and Cassidy looking at pumkpin displays, taking a haunted carriage ride, playing carnival games, and stolling around the shops along with the headless horseman.

5.Jack-o-latterns! This year, I carved a ghost pumpkin. I even got Brando to help out a little bit!

6. Cornbelly's corn maze! I loved visiting Cornbelly's with my cute little family. We watched pig races, went down giant slides, rode a cow car tractor ride, duck races... so many fun things and I can't remember them all!

7. I got to watch all of my favorite Halloween classics... BeetleJuice , Halloweentown, Hocus pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter, The Little Vampire...

8. Two Halloween parties! We went to our ward halloween party/chili cook off where we enjoyed delicious food, good company, and looking at all of the kids decked out in costumes. Our has TONS of kids Luke's age, so it was quite the show! Also went to a party with some of the married football couples! Everyone besides us had amazing costumes lol WE played a newly wed game, ate halloween candy and watched Hocus Pocus!

9. We dressed Luke up as a raccoon and went trick or treating! Luke really got into character  by growling at each door we knocked and ate the candy from their hands, wrapper and all!

10. This is Halloween, but we had 3 birthdays! Brittany, Natalie, and Brando!!! For Brittany's birthday, we went hikinh up rock canyon and got scalp treatments! For Natalie's birthday, we went out to eat at Olive Garden :) And for Brando's birthday, Brandon got to go to all 3 hours of church (Luke-free haha) and he got some new GOLF CLUBS from me and his family! My parent's also sponsered a western date night consisting of the movie Lonesome Dove and Texas Roadhouse.

Well I think that wraps up the festivities! Can't wait for the rest of this holiday season!

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