Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life as a family of FOUR :)

Here's an update on our lives since Addie was born!  Let me first just say that having two kids is the best. In the words of the young Michael Scott, "I wanna be married and have 100 kids so I can have 100 friends, and no one can say no to being my friend." Haha Ok so the last part of that quote is weird, but seriously having kids is like making yourself little best friends! Let me spotlight Luke for a little bit- we'll call it his birthday tribute :) first off he's hilarious and loves all the same things I do... (well a lot of things). He loves to play hard all day outside and never gets tired or wants to go inside and be lame. He also loves to cook- he made banana bread, pudding, and a salad with me this week. He loves "being cozy" at night while we cuddle up and watch Disney movies and he loves to swim and he loves going to parades and festivals and he loves holidays. He also loves to listen to music- not my choice of selection right now (the cougar fight song, wheels on the bus, a song about gummy bears, and gangnam style)- but at least he loves to jam out and, we'll get there eventually. And he loves to eat Popsicles- speaking of popsicles, he melts my heart like a popsicle like every other minute of the day. Yesterday, we were at the park and Luke says, "Mom, you're my best buddy". And then after I taught him how to roll down hills, he goes "mommy lay down on grass with Lukie?" And told me to watch the football practice going on and look at the clouds. haha this seriously came out of nowhere- he's never laid down in the grass to look at clouds.  He's probably reading a book on "how to shmooz your mom to get presents" because that little scene could have come straight out of a movie it was too perfect . I seriously have a buddy to do just about everything with besides girl things, but now I have Addie to do those things! We can watch girl movies,dance, do our nails... the possibilities are endless! Add more kids to the equations and we could have our own sports teams and be the coolest gang on the block! haha ok that was half way a joke and I promise I won't be creepy like Regina's mom on Mean Girls. Anywho, life is good! Updates on Addie- she's such a good baby! As long as she's fed, clean, and not gassy she just chills and smiles all the time! She loves looking at lights and being held. She loves taking baths and going on walks and running errands- I say that because she just sleeps the whole time instead of crying lol.
pumpkin patch

Every time we tell him to smile...

Luke just had his second birthday- He's been sick for like 3 months now, so we just had a family party for him. He's obsessed with Cars, so I made him a Mater cake, Gma and gpa Dean got him one of those little cars to drive in, Gma and Gpa Ogletree got him a Cars playset and the real Cars movie. He LOVED it! He started getting emotional as he was opening his presents from being so happy. He made us sing Happy Birthday to him at least 5 or 6 times along with relighting the candles and blowing them out. He ate a strict diet of the "Elves 4 main food groups" , and got his jump on at Lowe's Extreme Air Sports. Now he's already made his list for Santa Clause and is convinced that it's coming next week. funny side story- Luke asked me a few days ago "mom, what's Jesus bringing Lukie for Christmas?" Woops- Got that reversed! We're going to have to work on the true meaning of Christmas...

Last weekend was General Conference and while the men were at the Priesthood session, we went to Hee Haw Farms! We had so much fun playing farm games, riding a giant slide, going on a hayride, and hanging out with the farm animals!  Well kids are calling, so i will update with pictures of the farm soon!
As I have said before, this is seriously Luke's smile just for pictures...


  1. I love his smile! haha! such a cute family!

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