Monday, March 19, 2012

A think I'll go for a walk outside...

What a beautiful weekend! My goal was to spend as much time under warm sunshine as possible, and I think we succeeded! Saturday, me and my sister in law Brittany went on our first eight mile run! It's amazing how much easier it is to run when the weather is nice and you actually want to be outside- it went so much faster and was so much more enjoyable than our 7 miler in the cold last week! After our run, we headed to the rugby game, which was so much fun! I've never watched rugby before, but loved the fast pace and all of the different elements in the game- I couldn't decide if it was similar to football, soccer, wrestling, or cheer leading (haha I'm referring to that stunt they do when they throw in the ball)! After that we went to Texas Roadhouse with someone who helps players get ready for pro-ball! He wasn't allowed to pay or anything, so it's not as glamorous as it sounds lol If your going to splurge a little, Texas Roadhouse is the place to go- especially when you live in Utah! I'd take some good barbecue any day over a new outfit or going to a movie! Then we went to Yogurtland, my favorite place in the world right now! I can't eat ice cream or dairy, while nursing Luke, but for some reason frozen yogurt doesn't bother him, so I take every opportunity to pig out on that! Sunday, we went to church with Brandon's family because I sang with the rest of my sister-in-laws in their ward. We sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". It was so fun to rehearse and perform with them! After church, we had our weekly Sunday dinner over at Brandon's parents house. I LOVE Sunday dinner over there! I don't think there's any comedian or funny movie out there that can give your smile muscles a better work out than Sunday dinner! It's really happiness at the highest level. Add delicious food, and it doesn't get any better! I'm so grateful that we have Brandon's family so close- they have been SO extremely helpful in our newly-wed/new parent lives! While I'm talking about them, I have to give a tribute to my mother-in-law! She really is the best! Lately she's been watching Luke for me almost every day while I go on my runs, so that I can be home when Brandon is done with school, and I can focus on dinner, and he can focus on homework instead of babysitting! I know that most new parents don't have that option, so we've been totally spoiled! She's always asking for ways she can help and has just been a life saver!

On a different note, Spring Ball has started! It's been fun to watch Brandon at the family practices- I also get to catch up with the wives, hangout with my in-laws, and get some more time outdoors! We're going to have an awesome team this year!

Luke and dad at practice!

I went running right before practice- thus my slicked back, nasty hair!

Luke just loves his Aunt Natalie!

Starting to sit up on his own!

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