Friday, March 30, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun!

This weekend consisted of a few events that really made me feel like time was on fast forward! Friday, March. 23, Luke turned 6 months old! It seems like every time I blink, he's growing bigger, reaching a new milestone, and developing more and more personality! Luke is getting so tall, but pretty skinny. He fits into 12 month old clothes length-wise, but they fit totally baggy in the width! He's super talkative right now- he says mama over and over and makes these Donald Duck noises- probably from all that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! He can sit up on his own until he decides he wants a bite of his toes, and tips over in the process. He smiles and laughs on demand when you say words that rhyme with "poopie"- haha real mature of us! He loves getting little nibbles of what mom and dad are eating, and loves playing with all of his aunts and grandparents!

Also on Friday, Hunter opened his mission call! He's going to Veracruz, Mexico and leaves on July 5th! I'm so proud of his decision to serve the Lord for two years and for the good choices he's made that have made him the person he is today! Ladies, watch out in two years! He's a stud! Saturday, we had huevoes rancheros for breakfast and pork tacos for dinner to celebrate his call to Mexico!

Saturday, we went to the Spring scrimmage- unfortunately Brandon didn't play due to a broken foot :( But it was a beautiful day, and it got us all excited for the 2012 season!

Sunday, we took our first official family pictures! Brandon's sister Kenzie did an awesome job as our photographer! She nailed some shots that just put Brandon and Luke's relationship in a nutshell!

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