Friday, April 13, 2012


After two previously failed attempts, I am proud to annouce that Luke finally sleeps through the night in his own crib!!!!! I seriously feel like I've just won the lottery! The first two times we tried to get Luke to sleep in his crib, he hated us for like a month and would wake up like every 30 minutes so, I caved in and let him sleep in our bed. I thought maybe sleep training wasn't Luke's thing, and that I could get away letting him sleep with me for the first year. But as I starting thinking some not-so-nice words in my head after waking up for the 5th time to Luke screaming in the middle of the night (I promise I normally do not think of cuss words like this!) I knew had to give it one more try! It took about 5 days to work, and I almost caved in everynight of it! I hate the concept of crying yourself to sleep- I'd much rather him fall asleep in the security of his mom's arms. I was also afraid that Luke wouldn't trust me or feel loved anymore and get baby depression, but with the moral support of some of my best friends and family, I made it through!! Now Luke sleeps from 10pm-9am and is a happier baby because of it! I also get some time to relax and do whatever I want at night without entertaining a tired fussy baby! I appreciate and take full advantage of the time I have to spend with him during the day now, and have so much more energy! Life is good :)

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